Pancreas Surgery

What is multivisceral transplantation?

Multivisceral transplantation having more than three abdominal organs replacement such as a stomach, duodenum, pancreas, small intestine, and liver. The transplantation is based on patients need. The pancreas lies behind the lower part of the stomach. The main function of the pancreas is to create insulin. Insulin is a hormone responsible to regulate sugar (glucose) absorption into the body. If the pancreas is unable to create enough insulin, then sugar level increases to an unnatural level resulting in diabetes. A pancreas transplant is used to overcome this condition.

Pancreas transplantation is for people who suffer from chronic diabetes and also have renal failure. It is aimed to ‘cure’ diabetes and in the long run, it will protect the transplanted kidney from being affected by diabetes and even reverse neuropathy and prolong their life. Dr. Bipin Vibhute is the best for Pancreas Transplant in Pune and provides best Pancreas Surgery in Pune, Maharashtra. For Pancreatic Cancer treatment visit to Sahyadri Super Specialist Hospital   in Pune.

Small bowel transplantation is for people with bowel failure from either surgical cause or medical cause. Bowel failure means bowel is unable to absorb nutrients from food. Sometimes people need their nutrition to be fed through a drip into a vein as their bowel is unable to absorb nutrients from any food. This patient population, if not treated appropriately treated will develop liver and or kidney failure. They will need a combination of liver, small intestine and kidney transplantation (multi-visceral transplantation). We have a successful on-going cadaver organ donation & transplantation program which will make these types of complex operations possible. Moreover, we have doctors and the technology available to optimize their care in all the aspects.

Pancreas Surgery in Pune | Pancreas Transplant in Pune - Dr. Bipin Vibhute
Pancreas Surgery in Pune | Pancreas Transplant in Pune - Dr. Bipin Vibhute

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