Best Liver Specialist in Pune Dr. Bipin B. Vibhute

Program Director & Head, Liver & Multiorgan Transplantation, Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, Pune, Maharashtra

Meet Dr. Bipin B. Vibhute is the Best Liver Specialist in Pune, India. He is currently working as a Senior Consultant in Liver Transplantation & Hepato-Pancreatic and Biliary (HPB) Oncosurgeon at the Sahyadri group of hospitals in Pune. Before joining the Sahyadri hospital, he has worked as a Consultant surgeon in a Multi-visceral transplant & HPB unit at the Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

He has gathered experience of more than 600 liver transplants (DDLT & LLDT) with more than 250 liver transplants as a primary surgeon. He is up-to-date knowledge in the field of liver transplantation. He considers Liver Transplantation in children or adults as his primary interest and in addition to complex HPB surgery.

Before becoming a Consultant Surgeon at the Apollo Hospitals, he has completed a fellowship in Liver transplantation & HPB surgery in the same hospital. He has also worked with Prof Dr. Anil Vaidya world renowned for Pancreatic & Multivisceral transplantation from Oxford University, the UK for one year.

Best Liver transplant in Pune Dr. Bipin Vibhute was an active team member of Asia’s first successful en-block heart-liver transplantation. He has the maximum experience in-situ split liver transplants. He is the most experienced doctor for simultaneous kidney-pancreas transplants in India. He was also involved in Asia’s first successful ischiopygopagus separation, modified multivisceral & small bowel transplantation, liver transplantation. 

He uses innovative affordable technology with first-class transplant facilities for liver disease treatment. His always take efforts to make clinical care patient-centric and affordable without compromising the quality of service so that more and more people can get the advantage of it.

Best Liver Specialist in Pune | Liver Transplant in Pune - Dr. Bipin Vibhute

लीव्हर बदलता येतं हे आता सर्वांनाच ठाऊक आहे. परंतु लीव्हर ट्रान्सप्लान्टेशन नंतरही काळजी घेणं आवश्यक आहे. याच संदर्भात सह्याद्रि हॉस्पिटल्सचे लीव्हर ट्रान्सप्लांट तज्ञ डॉ. बिपीन विभूते यांचा हा मार्गदर्शनपर लेख वाचा.


Transplantation Programme for Living, Cadaveric & Emergencies

liver transplantation in pune

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liver transplantation in pune

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liver transplantation in pune

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liver transplantation in pune

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