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Sahyadri Center for Liver Transplantation in Pune

Sahyadri Hospitals is the largest chain of hospitals in Maharashtra operating on the philosophy to make quality healthcare Available, Accessible & Accountable. Sahyadri Hospitals has grown to 10 hospitals, 1300 beds, 1200 clinicians, 2300 supporting staff and has touched over 50 Lacs lives. In April 2016, Sahyadri Hospitals initiated a state-of-the-art Centre for Liver Transplantation in Pune, with a sole objective to make Transplants affordable and accessible to all. Within a short span of time, It is recognised as one of the most reliable Liver Transplant Centres in Western India. It is one of the top 10 liver transplant centers in Maharashtra. Our multidisciplinary team comprises of Liver Transplant & Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic surgeons who are trained in India & abroad having an experience of more than 1000 liver transplants, Hepatologists, Liver oncologists, Hepatic Interventional Radiology and supportive services that function as one team. We are proud to announce the completion of 50 Liver Transplants in a year’s time.

At Sahyadri Hospitals, Pune, we have established a center for excellence in the treatment of liver diseases. We offer a complete range of treatment including medical management of chronic liver diseases, treatment of liver malignancies in patients with chronic liver diseases as well as liver transplantation. The high-quality expertise, along with our ambition to provide outstanding care & our access to new research protocol helps in providing patients with the treatment best suited to their liver disease.

Mission of the Transplant Program

At Sahyadri Hospital we believe that every life matters. Our mission is to provide the world-class treatment of liver diseases in a compassionate and humane manner to every person. Every member of team touches the lives of the patients and families with utmost care and maintains highest standards of safety for high-quality care.

As a team, we strive to bring most advanced technology and best possible practices for our patients. We act ethically and devote ourselves to continuous improvement, excellence, professionalism and innovation.

The high-quality expertise, along with our ambition to provide outstanding care & our access to new research protocol helps in providing patients with the treatment best suited to their liver disease.

Vision of the Transplant Program

  • Provide cutting edge technology affordable world class transplant services to patients in India with end-stage liver diseases.
  • Make clinical care patient-centric & affordable without compromising on its quality.
  • To make Liver Transplant “just another” major abdominal operation

Key Features of Sahyadri Center for Organ Transplant (SCOT)

  • Affordable & Accessible Cutting edge Liver Transplant Surgery
  • Specialised unit to manage Acute Liver Failure & critically ill Chronic liver disease, patients
  • Complex Liver, Pancreatic and Biliary Surgery, Surgery for Portal hypertension
  • Entire spectrum of GI surgical services
  • 24 X 7 availability of Multidisciplinary “Liver Team” for care of patient with Liver disease
  • Affordable Packages for Liver Transplant and other Hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgeries
  • A-Z Liver Wellness Clinic
  • State of art OT and ICU facilities
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Sahyadri Liver Clinic

The “Liver Clinic” is our endeavor to streamline the care of patients with Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic (HPB) diseases. Here all the expertise required for the care of such patients is available simultaneously. Patients can consult the Transplant Surgeon, Hepatologist, Nutritionist and Physiotherapist simultaneously thus reducing the time required to evaluate a patient, formulate and implement the treatment plan and also modify the treatment depending on the response seen during follow-up. This makes the treatment experience fast, more efficient and cost-effective.

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