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Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What Is Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis?

The liver is a vital organ of body. The main functions of the liver are – filtering the blood of toxins, breaking down proteins, and creating bile to help the body to absorb fats. When a person drinks alcohol in excessive quantity for a long term, then the liver’s healthy tissue start’s to replace with scar tissue. This is known as alcoholic liver cirrhosis. If most of the liver tissues are replaced with scar tissue then the liver cannot function properly.

It has been observed by the American Liver Foundation that between 10 – 20 % of heavy drinkers will develop this cirrhosis. It is the most advanced form of liver disease that is related to alcohol consumption. It can start with fatty liver disease, then progresses to alcoholic hepatitis, and then to alcoholic cirrhosis. It is also possible that a person can develop alcoholic liver cirrhosis without having alcoholic hepatitis.

What are symptoms of Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis?

Symptoms of alcoholic liver cirrhosis are observed in personages between  30 – 40. In the early stages, your body will be able to compensate for your liver’s limited function. As the disease growths, symptoms will become more visible.

The symptoms are similar to other alcohol-related liver disorders.

Symptoms include:


portal hypertension

skin itching (pruritus)

What Causes Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis?

Repeated damage of cells and excessive alcohol consumption leads to alcoholic liver cirrhosis. When the liver tissue starts to scar, the liver cannot function properly. Because of which the body can’t produce sufficient proteins or filter toxins from the blood.

There are various causes of cirrhosis, but alcoholic liver cirrhosis is directly related to alcohol abuse.

How Would a Doctor Diagnose You with Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis?

While a diagnosis of alcoholic liver cirrhosis, doctors first take a look at medical history and a person’s history of drinking. A doctor may conduct several tests to confirm cirrhosis. The results of these tests may show:

  • anemia
  • high blood ammonia level
  • high blood sugar levels
  • leukocytosis
  • unhealthy liver tissue may be observed when a sample is removed from a biopsy and studied in a laboratory
  • The increased level of aspartate aminotransferase (AST) is two times that of alanine aminotransferase (ALT)
  • lower blood magnesium levels
  • lower blood potassium levels
  • lower blood sodium levels
  • portal hypertension

What is a treatment for alcoholic liver cirrhosis?

Liver specialists can cure some forms of liver disease with treatment, but alcoholic liver cirrhosis usually can’t be cured. But it is possible to slow down disease’s progress and reduce its symptoms.

  • The first step in treatment is to stop drinking. A doctor can recommend a hospital for a person start the journey toward sobriety.
  • Medications:  Doctor may prescribe corticosteroids, calcium channel blockers, insulin, antioxidant supplements, and S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAMe).
  • Nutrition Counselling: Drinking alcohol can lead to malnutrition.
  • Extra protein: Patients often require extra protein in certain forms to reduce the risk of developing brain disease (encephalopathy).
  • Liver Transplant: Person should not drink alcohol at least six months before a liver transplant.


Liver Cirrhosis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What Is Liver Cirrhosis?

Liver transplantation in puneLiver cirrhosis is a deteriorating process that occurs when healthy cells get damaged and are replaced by scar tissues. Generally it occurs due to alcohol excessive consumption of alcohol or chronic hepatitis. As a result of which liver cannot function properly. It may lead to liver failure and death.
Thick scarring slows down the normal flow of blood through the liver, which causes blood to find alternate path i.e. veins lying along the stomach and esophagus to return to the heart. This extra pressure in these blood vessels, called varices, may cause them to enlarge or rupture of veins. This problem is especially found in the esophagus.
Liver can tolerant of disease and injury. It is observed that even after 70% of its mass has been ruined or removed, still it can function. Even though it is not possible to restore functions of parts of liver that are affected by scar tissue, but the person can live healthy life with the help of remaining part of liver. Therefore it is important to identify the problems as soon as possible and start the steps to eliminate them.

Causes of Liver Cirrhosis?liver transplant in pune

Cirrhosis causes due to long-term injury to the liver including viruses, genetic deficiencies, prolonged obstruction of bile flow, and long term exposure to drugs and other toxic substances. In most of cases, however, the culprit is excessive consumption of alcohol.

Another cause of liver cirrhosis is viral hepatitis which means inflammation of the liver due to viral infection. Only hepatitis B and hepatitis C can cause chronic infection which may lead to scarring and cirrhosis. Initially the symptoms are mild. Therefore it is necessary to  do regular checkups for people having hepatitis.

Diagnosis of liver cirrhosis?

liver cirrhosisIn early stages, liver cirrhosis don’t have symptoms. Cirrhosis can be first detected through a routine blood test or checkup. To confirm a diagnosis, laboratory and imaging tests are done.


Treatment for liver cirrhosis depends on the cause and extent of liver damage. The aim of treatment is to slow the growth of scar tissue in the liver and to prevent complications of cirrhosis. A person has to visit a liver specialist to prevent severe liver damage.

Liver transplant surgery

When liver stops functioning then liver transplant is the only option. In liver transplant surgery, the deceased liver is replaced with healthy liver. It is of mainly two types: Deceased Donor Liver Transplant (DDLT), and Live Donor Liver Transplant (LDLT).


Liver Cancer : Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What is Liver Cancer?

liver treatment in pune

Cancer starts when cells grow abnormally in any part of body. Cancer can spread in other areas of body. Cancer that starts in liver is called as primary liver cancer. The cells of liver changes in appearance and behavior. These cancer cells can destroy adjacent normal tissues also and spread into other areas of liver and organs outside of the liver.

The cancer cells that develop in normal cells of the liver is called hepatocellular carcinoma and cancer which starts in ducts of liver is called cholangiocarcinoma.

Factors responsible for liver cancer are:

Chronic viral hepatitis (Hep-B or Hep-C) – liver treatment in pune


Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Primary biliary cirrhosis

Inherited metabolic diseases

Heavy alcohol use


Type 2 diabetes

Exposure to Vinyl chloride and thorium dioxide (Thorotrast)

Anabolic steroids

Tobacco use

Symptoms of liver cancer:

liver cancer treatment in puneUsually, symptoms of liver cancer are not noticed in first stage. But if any of the symptoms are noticed you should visit liver specialist immediately. Doctor can help you in selecting best treatment option. It is helpful to treat liver cancer. The most common symptoms of liver cancer are:

Weight loss

Nausea or vomiting

Increased size of liver

Swelling in abdomen


Loss of appetite

How to reduce risk of liver cancer

Get vaccinated for hepatitis B infection

Check for hepatitis C infection

Avoid consumption of alcohol in excess

Treatment for Liver Cancer:

Treatment of liver cancer depends on what percent of liver is affected by cancer, weather it is spread in surrounding areas and patients preferences. When cancer is detected in early stage and patients liver works normally then treatment is given to eliminate cancer. Whereas when liver cancer is detected in later stages and liver does not work normally then the treatment is given to reduce the growth of cancer and symptoms to improve quality of life. Therefore it is very important to take advice of a liver specialist.

If you are looking for a best liver specialist in Pune, you can contact Dr Bipin Vibhute. He has huge experience in this field.


54 Years Old Patient With Liver Cirrhosis Gets New Life After Liver Transplant in Pune

On 14 July, Kolhapur based youth’s liver donation saved the patient suffering from liver cirrhosis. When the youth was declared brain dead at Kolhapur’s Aster Adhar Hospital, following a serious brain injury, his liver was brought to Pune for transplant.

The liver of this 24 year old youth is successfully transplanted into 54-year-old patient at Sahyadri super speciality hospital in Deccan. This surgery was conducted at Sahyadri hospital Pune by liver specialist Dr. Bipin Vibhute,  and his team. This operation was led by liver transplant and hepatobiliary surgeon Dr. Bipin Vibhute. A ‘green corridor’ was created to bring organ from Kolhapur to Pune.

Hepatobilliary surgeon Dr. Dinesh Zirpe said that as soon as they got information about the donor at Kolhapur, the team went to Asher Adhar in Kolhapur to harvest Dr Dinesh Zirthe liver. With the help of traffic police green corridor was successfully created and it helped to bring liver to Pune within 3 hours. This liver was sussessfully transplanted to patient from Bhosri. He had swelling on both his kidneys and therefore required an urgent liver transplant. Due to to the noble act of the relatives of the donor and the swift team work at the department ensured that the patient got a new life.

In addition to Dr Bipin Vibhute and Dr Zirpe, Dr. Aniruddha Bhosale, transplant anaesthetist; Dr Manish Pathak; Dr Manoj Raut , clinician; Dr Abhijeet Mane; transplant coordinators Rahul Tambe and Arun Ashokan; and medical social worker Sharmila Padhye were part of this operation.

Sahyadri hospital said that it is indeed heartening to see the increased in awareness for organ donation. There is still a large gap between the number of patients waiting for organs and donors, which needs to be filled. This is one such successful step towards it.


Best Liver Treatment Hospital in India- Dr. Bipin Vibhute

What is Cadaveric Liver?

Expired benefactors, or cadavers, are a typical wellspring of organ transplantations – like a liver transplant. Expired benefactors have assented ahead of time to wind up an organ contributor. After a contributor has been announced legitimately dead (cerebrum dead), their liver is expelled and protected for transplantation, which must happen inside 24 hours.  Besides, because of the enhanced wellbeing norms of transportation and savage wrongdoings, the number of organs from beforehand sound benefactors are diminishing, and the normal period of expired contributors are expanding.

Cadaveric Liver Transplant


Cadaveric liver transplantation is successful for nonresectable early hepatocellular carcinoma. Be that as it may, the shortage of cadaveric organs has incited a few focuses to utilize living givers, which ensures transplantation, however, involves a hazard to the benefactor. Without controlled preliminaries, the choice examination can be utilized to help elucidate the tradeoffs included while considering living contributor versus cadaveric liver transplantation for nonresectable early hepatocellular carcinoma.


Utilizing a Markov display, a speculative companion of patients with Child’s A cirrhosis and a solitary 3.5-cm tumor got one of three procedures: 1) no transplant; 2) expectation to perform cadaveric liver transplantation; or 3) living benefactor liver transplantation. Information was acquired from normal history and review thinks about. All probabilities in the model were differed all the while utilizing a Monte Carlo reproduction.


Living-benefactor liver transplantation was the best system, enhancing future by 4.5 years contrasted and cadaveric liver transplantation. This methodology stayed overwhelming notwithstanding while shifting seriousness of cirrhosis, age, tumor multiplying time, tumor development design, blood classification, local transplant volume, starting tumor size, and rate of movement of cirrhosis.


Living-contributor liver transplantation ought to give a significant survival advantage for patients with remunerated cirrhosis and non-resectable beginning period hepatocellular carcinoma.

Best Liver Treatment Hospital In India

Dr. Bipin Vibhute is known for best liver treatment hospital in India. Dr. Bipin Vibhute provides advanced treatment for liver disease including a cadaveric liver transplant in India. You can visit or contact us for information.



Liver Transplant Success Rate and Donor risks in India

Liver Transplant is an exceptionally successful treatment and in doctor’s facility survival or success rate is over 95% at cutting edge and all around prepared liver transplant focuses. This implies out of 100 liver transplants performed, 95 patients recuperate and are released in sound conditions. 3-5% danger of life is related with this in fact complex technique. The significant hazard is from diseases and dismissal post liver transplant. In addition, the long haul success rate of the liver transplant is additionally high and you can expect 65%-70% of survival rate 15-20 years ensuing to the transplant.

Patients, including youngsters and sportspersons, carry on with an ordinary life and can continue routine exercises following 3-6 months of the medical procedure. Patients can encounter different issues relying on the time interim from the transplant. Three most normal issues in beginning 1-2 years are a biliary stricture, Infections like CMV and dismissal of the liver by the resistance of the body. Our inside offers most reduced biliary confusion rate of under 5% when contrasted with the frequency of 15-20% in rest of the world. This is because of the new procedure developed by our specialists and our success comes about have been distributed in top universal diaries. It is all about Liver Transplant Success Rate in India. Book a meeting with Dr. Bipin Vibhute, one of the best liver specialists offers best liver transplant success rate in India.

Liver Transplant Success Rate and Donor Risks in India

Surgery of any sort conveys essential risks. Remember that Dr Bipin Vibhute prestigious liver transplant specialists have involvement with complex cases. This information enables us to diminish the risks of inconveniences amid liver transplant surgery.

It is on an uncommon event that a difficulty would happen amid living-donor liver transplant that would require assist remedial surgery or medicinal treatments.

A few Liver Transplant Donor Risks include follow:

Bile Leakage — this happens in a little subset of liver donors and frequently settle itself. Doctors can likewise help the mending procedure by putting a tube in the liver.

Contamination — some liver donors may get a disease at the site of surgery. In the event that this happens, our transplant group will watch over your condition to diminish medical problems.

Organ harm or different issues — the liver gift can likewise cause organ harm, encourage intricacies, or even passing in extremely uncommon cases.

Living-liver gift can help in excess of 17,000 individuals at present on the holding up list. Living donors can have a groundbreaking effect in numerous lives. Dr. Bipin Vibhute’s liver transplant group is committed to helping living donors and guaranteeing that they get the care and help they require amid the procedure.


Malignant Tumor Treatment In India

A malignant tumor is a gathering of sick cells characterized by one of three attributes: uncontrolled development, intrusion, and harm of sound cells, or metastasizing (spreading) to different organs of the body.  They vary from kind tumors, which don’t spread or influence different zones of the body. Dr. Bipin Vibhute Provides Malignant Tumor Treatment In India.

Risk Factors and Causes

The therapeutic network has contemplated and faced off regarding the causes of malignant tumors for quite a long time. Most tumors result from natural factors or an innate/hereditary source.

Regular ecological risk factors incorporate tobacco (the essential driver of most lung tumors), liquor, less than stellar eating routine, poor exercise regimen, and substance toxins. A little level of malignant tumors is genetic.

Malagnant Tumors treatment in India

Signs & Symptoms

A malignant tumor can be recognized in various ways:

  • Nearby indications: Lumps, swelling, draining, and intense torment found close to the tumor itself are on the whole cases of neighborhood side effects.
  • Metastatic side effects: Enlarged lymph hubs, an augmented liver (hepatomegaly), and a developed spleen (splenomegaly) are regular metastatic manifestations, which can be discovered anyplace in the body if the tumor has spread.
  • Foundational side effects: These are more nonexclusive manifestations that may demonstrate an ailment, however not really a malignant tumor. These incorporate exorbitant perspiring (especially around evening time), weight reduction because of poor craving, weariness, pallor, and a large group of other normal indications.
  • In the event that a tumor is suspected, a pathologist can play out a biopsy on the cells to decide if it is malignant. Therapeutic experts can complete a screening on a patient to recognize the nearness of some malignant tumors, yet this procedure isn’t viable for numerous types. Screenings are additionally less successful in recognizing uncommon types of malignant tumors.


The most fitting course of treatment is dictated by the size, area, and phase of the tumor, and also the patient’s general wellbeing. Chemotherapy, radiation, hormone treatment, and medical procedure (or blends of these medications) are the most widely recognized techniques offered to patients.

Contingent upon the area, the medical procedure is once in a while the best choice to evaluate the tumor and keep a repeat. A few patients include elective treatments, for example, normal cures, rub, reiki, or dietary changes, to their customary course of treatment.


It is difficult to predict a patient’s prognosis. Most malignant tumors are considered to be fatal; depending on the location, type, size, and stage of the tumor, the patient’s outlook can vary greatly. In most cases, early detection and treatment will help to improve the patient’s prognosis and prolong their life expectancy.

For more information, contact the Dr. Bipin Vibhute. We provide malignant tumor treatment in Gujarat, Telangana, Nashik, Goa, Kolhapur, Pune, Aurangabad,


Cost of Liver Transplant in India

Liver transplant surgery is very critical surgery, everyone is aware of this. Today we are going to discuss the cost of liver transplant in India or liver transplant cost in India.

Ordinarily, the liver transplant patients don’t understand that they have to complete a medical procedure until it’s past the point of no return. This is the thing that makes the medical procedure excessively costly for the end stages of liver ailments. Because of the unpredictability of the task, For the local patients, to do the liver transplant in India cost is an over the top undertaking for them. The normal cost of liver transplant in India ranges from Rs. 12 lakhs to Rs. 20 lakhs, or in some cases even Rs. 35 lakhs in some luxurious private doctor’s facilities. In any case, the cost will dependably rely upon whether you settle on private or govt. run healing facilities. Aside from the medical procedure, the patient is charged for the medicine given alongside the liver transplant bundle. The correct cost for this procedure varies each year for each center. It is best to have an exhaustive research in this on the off chance that you are wanting to complete a liver transplant, in light of the tributes of the patients, specialists experience and achievement proportion of the doctor’s facilities.

Liver Transplant Cost in India | Cost of Liver Transplant in India

As liver transplant cost is the real motivation behind why the penniless isn’t having the capacity to experience liver transplant medical procedure in India, a similar situation is for the patient outside India yet for the patient from created nations treatment in India is moderate for them.

Be that as it may, different costs additionally get included liver transplant cost as the liver transplant is the method between two people. The examination of both the patients costs around 2 lakhs.

At that point until the season of recuperation, you have cost around 25000-35000 for next 3 weeks and with time it will lessen.

There is some expectation for the patients who can’t spend such high sum or who do not have protection, there are some legislature and trust healing centers which give free liver transplant in India. Subsequent to applying for liver transplant in such offices you have to sit tight to end long line for your turn. These offices are on a par with any private healing centers yet the issue here is holding up the line of the patients.

Liver Transplant Cost in India Associated With:

  • Broad research center tests
  • The expense for transplant specialists and working room staff
  • Organ recuperation
  • Most recent Equipment and therapeutic instruments for medical procedure
  • Transportation
  • Cabin and nourishment for relatives (amid the time of medical procedure and hospitalization)
  • Active recuperation and Rehabilitation
  • Tolerant hotel (After release)
  • Hostile to dismissal of drugs and different medicines
  • Liver Transplant Cost in India.

You can contact us for more information about the cost of liver transplant in India. Address and contact no are as follows. Please feel free to discuss about liver transplant cost in India.

Sahyadri Hospital Pune, Nashik, Karad India

Contact no. 9202247365

pancreatic cancer treatment in India

What is Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer starts in the tissues of your pancreas — an organ in your belly that untruths on a level plane behind the lower some portion of your stomach. Your pancreas discharges catalysts that guide assimilation and hormones that assistance deal with your glucose.

pancreatic cancer treatment in India

pancreatic cancer


Pancreatic cancer regularly spreads quickly to close-by organs. It is only from time to time distinguished in its beginning times. In any case, for individuals with pancreatic blisters or a family history of pancreatic cancer, some screening advances may help recognize an issue early. One indication of pancreatic cancer is diabetes, particularly when it happens with weight reduction, jaundice or torment in the upper stomach area that spreads to the back. Treatment may incorporate medical procedure, chemotherapy, radiation treatment or a blend of these.

Dr. Bipin Vibhute Has great experience of Pancreatic cancer. Now he is providing pancreatic cancer treatment in India and all major major cities, i.e. Kolhapur, Nashik, Goa, Solapur, Pune, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat Nagpur, Telangana, Aurangabad.


Intestinal Cancer Treatment in India

Dr. Bipin Vibhute is providing Intestinal Cancer treatment in India. If you are looking for intestinal cancer treatment in Pune, Kolhapur, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nashik, Solapur, and Goa you can contact us. Now Intestinal Cancer treatment is available in Gujarat too.

What is Intestinal Cancer?

  • Intestinal cancer is cancer of the big intestine (Intestinal), that is the very least a part of your digestive tract. most instances of Intestinal cancer start as small, noncancerous (benign) clumps of cells called adenomatous polyps. over time a number of these polyps can emerge as Intestinal cancers.
  • Polyps may be small and convey few if any, signs and symptoms. for that reason, doctors propose ordinary screening assessments to help prevent Intestinal most cancers by identifying and putting off polyps before they become cancer.


signs and symptoms and signs of Intestinal most cancers encompass:

  • An alternate for your bowel habits, which includes diarrhea or constipation or an alternate in the consistency of your stool, that lasts longer than four weeks
  • Rectal bleeding or blood in your stool
  • persistent abdominal discomfort, consisting of cramps, gas or ache
  • a sense that your bowel doesn’t empty completely
  • weak point or fatigue
  • Unexplained weight loss

Many people with Intestinal cancer revel in no signs and symptoms inside the early stages of the ailment. while signs seem, they may probably range, depending on the most cancers’ length and vicinity for your massive intestine.

When to Meet Doctor

If you notice any symptoms of intestinal cancer, like blood in your stool or associate in progress amendments bowel habits, don’t hesitate to form a meeting together with your doctor.
Talk to your doctor concerning after you ought to begin screening for enteral cancer. pointers typically recommend that intestinal cancer screenings begin at age fifty. Your doctor could advocate a lot of frequent or earlier screening if you’ve got different risk factors, like a case history of the malady.


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