Liver Cirrhosis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Liver Cirrhosis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

What Is Liver Cirrhosis?

Liver transplantation in puneLiver cirrhosis is a deteriorating process that occurs when healthy cells get damaged and are replaced by scar tissues. Generally, it occurs due to alcohol excessive consumption of alcohol or chronic hepatitis. As a result of which liver cannot function properly. It may lead to liver failure and death.
Thick scarring slows down the normal flow of blood through the liver, which causes blood to find alternate path i.e. veins lying along the stomach and oesophagus to return to the heart. This extra pressure in these blood vessels called varices. It may cause them to enlarge or rupture of veins. This problem is especially found in the oesophagus.
The liver can tolerant of disease and injury. It is observed that even after 70% of its mass has been ruined or removed, still it can function. Even though it is not possible to restore functions of parts of the liver that are affected by scar tissue, but the person can live a healthy life with the help of the remaining part of the liver. Therefore it is important to identify the problems as soon as possible and start the steps to eliminate them.

Causes of Liver Cirrhosis?liver transplant in pune

Cirrhosis causes due to a long-term injury to the liver including viruses, genetic deficiencies, prolonged obstruction of bile flow, and long term exposure to drugs and other toxic substances. In most cases, however, the culprit is excessive consumption of alcohol.

Another cause of liver cirrhosis is viral hepatitis which means inflammation of the liver due to viral infection. Only hepatitis B and hepatitis C can cause chronic infection which may lead to scarring and cirrhosis. Initially, the symptoms are mild. Therefore it is necessary to do regular checkups for people having hepatitis.

Diagnosis of liver cirrhosis?

liver cirrhosisIn the early stages, liver cirrhosis doesn’t have symptoms. Cirrhosis can be first detected through a routine blood test or checkup. To confirm a diagnosis, laboratory and imaging tests are done.


Treatment for liver cirrhosis depends on the cause and extent of liver damage. The aim of treatment is to slow the growth of scar tissue in the liver and to prevent complications of cirrhosis. A person has to visit a liver specialist to prevent severe liver damage.

Liver transplant surgery

When the liver stops functioning then a liver transplant is the only option. In liver transplant surgery, the diseased liver is replaced with a healthy liver. It is of mainly two types:

  1. Deceased Donor Liver Transplant (DDLT), and
  2. Live Donor Liver Transplant (LDLT).

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