Deceased Donor Liver Transplant

Deceased donar liver transplant type of Liver Transplant occurs when liver is harvested from a brain dead person whose family wishes to donate the organs. Such case occurs only in a hospital ICU with a person after succumbs to brain injury In these circumstances, the whole liver can be used for an adult or a part of it for a child. After removal from the donor (a process called liver retrieval) the liver can safely preserve outside the body in special preservation solutions.

Allocation of such organs is strictly according to blood group, time on waiting list and urgency of transplant.

who can be a donor?

ANYONE CAN BE A DONOR . Even medical condition at the time of brain death will determine what organs and tissues can be donated. When an patient is declared brain dead and his family decide on to donate the organs for transplantation, the liver is made available for transplantation.

Deceased Donor Liver Transplant in pune

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