Brain-Dead Kolhapur Man’s Liver Gives New Lease of Life to Nashik

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Brain-Dead Kolhapur Man’s Liver Gives New Lease of Life to Nashik

Brain-Dead Kolhapur Man’s Liver Gives New Lease of Life to Nashik

Nashik: The liver of a 58-year-old brain-dead male accident victim was retrieved and airlifted from Kolhapur to Nashik on Wednesday.

The recipient of the organ was also of the same age and is city-based Sahyadri Superspeciality Hospital. The entire process of retrieving the organ from the donor took place at Apple Saraswati Multispeciality Hospital and was transported to Nashik in a private aeroplane in just 2045 hours. The organ reached the Nashik hospital at 7.10pm.

Soon after the organ’s arrival, a team of doctors at Sahyadri hospital led by transplant and hepatobiliary surgeon Bipin Vibhute performed the surgery. A spokesperson of Sahyadri hospital said the organ receiver was suffering from a grave liver-related ailment and had been undergoing treatment at the hospital.

“The donor recently met with a road accident and the doctors at Kolhapur hospital declared him brain dead today (on Wednesday). The family of the victim was convinced about the usefulness of donating his liver and they agreed following which the victims liver was retrieved,” the hospital spokesperson said.

The zonal transplant coordination committee along with authorities of the two hospitals coordinated with Kolhapur and Nashik police and Ozar airport officials to ensure smooth transportation of the organ.

According to Nashik Police, a green corridor was created from Ozar hospital to Sahyadri Hospital in Dwarka area. “We had deployed Police personnel at several points along the route and it took just 20 minutes for the organ to reach the hospital. We had coordinated with Ozar police that comes under the Nashik rural police to create the green corridor,” assistant police commissioner (traffic) of the Nashik city police Ajay Deore said.

Source: Times of India

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