Wife ‘Sanjivani’ reborn by giving ‘liver’ to her husband

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Wife ‘Sanjivani’ reborn by giving ‘liver’ to her husband

World women’s day special articles

World day celebrations are being celebrated with great enthusiasm. It is proven from time to time that the woman is trying to become the basis of the real Sabla and all the family. This is the story of a woman.

Village- Marathwada, Nautch-Nagesh, Tal- Akkalkot, Dist. Solapur. Hundred at Satyavivani Ashok Nimbalkar’s Truth story.

The public library and social worker husband and two girls and self-help desk of Gyan Ganga School, Dahitane, and a co-teacher and one daughter were at 10th and 2nd and 2nd respectively, both girls were very smart. In this way, their world was very composed as ‘I am two’. But I did not know what would happen in destiny.

During January-February 2018, her husband, Shri Ashok Bhawanoba Nimbalkar was shown to Bihagli and his family doctor Manojohar More in Akkalkot, after which the disease was diagnosed and after the treatment of doctors, treatment was done in Solapur, but he did not recover due to doing anything. According to the advice of Dr. Pujari of Solapur, he was sent to Hyderabad. Even after 10-15 days of treatment did not decrease, finally, in April 2018, it was returned to Ashwini Hospital in Solapur. By this time his condition was low and doctors had liver him.

Now we cannot do anything. You were told to take Pune or Mumbai. Later, at Sahyadri Hospital in Pune, the liver expert Dr. Bipin Vibhute was diagnosed and his team started diagnosing and after receiving all the tests, he said that all of us have got a lot of shock at this time. And there was no substitute for liver transfers. No one was aware of what to do now and till then 8-10 lakh was spent. Now, no one knows where to pick up the liver.

Sanjeevani was ready and I said that giving liver, everyone had a reaction that you do not give it. And the liver was registered for the donor but it was very difficult to get liver in which the patient’s deterioration was getting worse, doctors said all of them can give their liver all that coincidence, and then all the money was mixed, but Ashok Nimbalkar refused. But his brother, i.e Mr. Dayanand Nimbalkar, collected Rs. 12 lakhs per day from one to two lakhs per day, from all relatives and friends and from various organizations.


Husband’s life was going to have to save. And there were two daughters on one side and their anxieties were getting disturbed and money was not being prepared completely, so their condition was very fragile. But Mrs. Sanjivani asked the doctor to take my liver and save him quickly. But their delicate health did not endurable family and relatives.

Who else can know more about laughter than wife and happiness than a wife? And with this affection, Savitri’s love tilted everyone. All relatives are ready.

After all the money was matched, we all told the doctor that we have 12 lakh rupees for the rest of the money and you do an operation, the doctors said that you get permission from the hospital administration of money and we will perform an operation. Dayanand Nimbilkar and relatives started after that we made the request to the doctors. Then, after seeing our condition and seriousness, Dr. Dashekar, like the doctor, requested the Hospital Administration himself to fix the date and date of our patient’s operation running at that time, but nothing was done. Then we contacted Balasaheb More. They sanctioned Rs. 3 lakhs from the Chief Minister’s help and gave the letter to the hospital administration fax.

On Date.30th July 2018, Sahyadri Hospital’s operation theater was ready for both operations. Under the leadership of Dr. Bipin Vibhute, a team of 4-6 doctors started operation at the same time. The operation lasted for only 14 hours. The mission was successful. After almost 24-30 hours Ashokrao came pure worship. The liver of the wife started working. The joy of everyone was not in the sky.

Will the brother be saved, but his bride will be better? What will happen? With this idea, the tears of Dayanand Nimbalkar broke down. Everyone tried to understand and gave me a lot of patience.

After getting the information that the husband is recovering, the wife is very happy. Savitri’s perception made her husband the gold of life. Their newborn was born. Who gave birth to them; the wife had reborn it to the real place of a mother who had left the world.


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