Transplant Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation in Liver Transplant Patients

Liver transplantation is the definite surgical treatment for patients with end- stage liver disease and acute liver failure that improves liver functions and survival.

In recent years health related quality of life has been accepted to be in relation with surgical success and has become an important assessment parameter not only after transplant but also during disease process. It allows an increasing survival rates and time to come back to daily activities.

 Rehabilitative approaches may help patients with liver disease and transplant recipients to improve quality of life by increasing muscle strength ,Prevent excessive Fatigue, enhance aerobic capacity and physical activity level. In accordance with this purpose specific therapeutic interventions  structured

according to patients needs in any phase of the disease Process is properly defined by the professions in related fields.

Physiotherapy in patients with liver disease and liver transplant recipients is mainly divided in to 3 periods; Pr-op physiotherapy, early post-op physiotherapy and late post-operative physiotherapy. In any period of physiotherapy indications and contraindications for participation in this long rehabilitation process is well clarified and phase-dependent specialized assessment procedure is carried out before planning the exercise programs. Patients waiting on transplant list with end stage liver disease usually has reduced muscle strength, increased level of fatigue and decreased aerobic capacity. Malnutrition, altered metabolism, cardiopulmonary malfunction Coeticosteroid treatment are throught to be responsible for the factors that play a role in impaired physical performance. Physio therapeutic interventions started before transplantation will undoubtfully help the patient to overcome post operative complications and further operative complications and further deconditioning due to inactivity.

Early post transplant physiotherapy including interventions of pulmonary physiotherapy and early mobilization started on first post-operative day as soon as the patient is physiologically stabilized in ICU and lasts till the patient is discharged from the hospital.

This is how Respiratory physiotherapy and Rehabilitation plays an integral role in patients opting for liver transplant surgeries so that our patients can live as normally as possible.

liver transplantation in pune
liver transplantation in pune

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